Reducing Fall Risk at Home

As we age, falls become more of a danger. Normal decorating practices that once caused little risk can begin to pose a significant danger when age, coordination, and medication-induced instability come into play.

Adult children of aging parents often wonder how to reduce fall risk in their parents’ homes.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Area Rugs – Remove unnecessary rugs in the home. Rugs in front of the kitchen sink or other area rugs can cause falls.
  • Rocking Chairs – The curved legs of a rocking chair often pose a risk.
  • Cats and Dogs Underfoot – Beloved animals also tend to pose a fall risk, as they stand underfoot.
  • Lighting – Brighter lighting can make it easier to spot hazards and judge placement of furniture.
  • Too Much Furniture – For each furniture item, consider whether it is necessary. Consider getting rid of low coffee tables, footstools, magazine racks, and plant holders.
  • Furniture, Low Pots, or Knick-Knacks in pathways.
  • Un-sturdy Chairs or Furniture – Imagine falling and grabbing the piece of furniture for support. Will it hold your weight?
  • Slippery Tub and Shower – Install non-slip decals, a shower seat, and grab bars.
  • Uneven Paving Stones – Check outdoor paths and garden areas for uneven paving stones, un-corralled hoses, and slippery moss or plant matter peaking up though cracks.
  • Electrical Cords – Check for wires and cords in traffic areas.

With a bit of effort and a critical eye, you can help your loved-one reduce the risk of falls in their home!

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